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Usui Reiki Training Courses and Treatments in Swanage, Purbeck, Dorset

Master Teacher Practitioner Allyson Williamson


“I completed my Reiki Second Degree with Allyson, which I found to be life changing.  As I have Osteoarthritis, I use Reiki self-treatment to control the pain in my joints.  This has proven a huge success enabling me to relax through the Reiki meditation Allyson has taught me and with hands on healing or thought control I have been able to ease painful joints.   Thank you Allyson”  Carol

“I have trained with Allyson for my Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master.  Since I have started to use Reiki on myself it has helped me on many occasions, from not being able to get to sleep at night to stressful situations.  I find that it works on two levels.  One is that I am concentrating on the energy so other thoughts go from my head and the other is that the Reiki works to help me in its own way where it is needed.  It also helps me to become more aware of my own body and its’ needs and even though I sometimes find it hard to find the time I feel much more relaxed and able to cope with life when I do.”  Deborah

“Allyson's Reiki course was interesting and thorough, combining practical experience with historical information about origins of the treatment and its practical application. I had enough practice to feel confident doing it on my own and felt the benefits immediately. It has and is making a real difference. I should have done it years ago.” Gail

“I have found Reiki to be both relaxing and an aid in healing injuries.  Since have been using Reiki, I have found it is easier to relax after a hard days work by taking 10 minutes and removing any stress from my body and mind, helping to focus on leaving work at work and providing a freshness for the next day. I have also a work related back injury which has not gone away but is easier to manage by using Reiki to relax tension in the muscles, to transfer my focus to the cure not the problem.” Sean

“I have had Reiki on an off for the last 20 years. When I became a full time carer for my Father - I started to see Allyson for Reiki once a week - for my relaxation (my time) Reiki helped me cope with what life threw at me. It inspired me to learn Reiki for myself - since then with Allyson's teaching skills and patience - I have also become a Reiki Master  - I hope to help others as Allyson has helped me.” Mary